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Oxygen Infusion

Oxygenated Products Group (OPG) has focused on enhanced gas-infusion technologies using cutting-edge science and engineering with a focus on energy efficient industrial processes for the beverage and wastewater markets. For beverages, OPG is dedicated to using gas transfer technologies to enhance flavor profiles and assist beverage companies in branding, marketing and production of gas-infused beverages. OPG is also focused on reducing beverage process or production time using infused gases and lowering energy costs.

The immediate wastewater focus has been on improving treatment efficiency and reducing the energy use of typical wastewater plants which use 60% of their energy budget in the aeration process. Other similar applications include river and surface water restoration. The corporation, Environmental Bio-Systems, started working with these mass transfer technologies in 2002.


Oxygenated Products Group (OPG) has developed a design for a modular aerobic wastewater treatment system that uses a proven and available gas infusion technology to reduce the energy costs for secondary wastewater processing by up to 90%; reducing overall electricity costs at a typical plant by $250,000 - $1 million annually depending on the size of the plant.

Studies by the OPG partners have shown considerable energy savings on the pilot-scale at a wastewater treatment plant.

• The energy savings for a typical plant will pay for the total cost of purchasing and installing the solution in the first 24 – 36 months; and ultimately generate up to 15X ROI over the life of system.

Energy Savings

OPG’s solution effectively and efficiently achieves the desired DO levels required in return activated sludge (RAS) treatment environments to reduce BOD and effectively process wastewater. Existing aeration equipment is not very efficient or effective and can consume up to 60% of the overall energy used by a plant (US EPA).

• OPG’s solution is up to 90% more efficient and 20X more effective than traditional aeration solutions (bubblers, diffusers, et al.) at achieving and maintaining optimum levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) throughout the RAS treatment process.

• OPG’s solution is a bolt on solution that operates as an alternative to the existing aeration equipment (that equipment is retained, but becomes a backup system). .


In addition to significant energy savings, OPG’s solution also significantly reduces: greenhouse gas generation, maintenance and operating costs, return activated sludge (RAS) rates, sludge generation and resultant disposal costs, and total treatment time. Overall, it has dramatically increased wastewater treatment plant efficiencies and effectiveness. OPG’s ability to rapidly infuse oxygen, as opposed to traditional aeration techniques which bubble air that is high in nitrogen, largely preclude the generation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gases resulting in significant reduction in odor. Reducing odors also significantly lowers labor costs in cleaning equipment fouled in the anaerobic environment, but also lowers the costs and volumes of industrial chemicals used for odor control.